AfterJam Athlete AMA - You Asked, They Answered!



It’s no secret that the AfterJam athletes are a terrific bunch. From their quality coaching at the summer camp down to the steeze they’re leaving oozing over your Instagram feed year round - worldwide baby! That being said, there’s a mystique behind the nubes, secrecy behind the send, and all sorts of burning questions we’d never dreamed of knowing the answers to… until now!

When put the stories out on Insta you answered in your droves, the weird and wonderful, to the downright ridiculous. We’ve compiled the best of the best and got all the inside info, with no doubt plenty left over for a follow up session. So without further ado let’s crack on. 



JTT is an OG of the AfterJam Fam, born of the Stoke Massive. This steeze machine is loved by many and has the brightest of futures. Here’s what you asked and what the man had to say for himself:


@joshwar_porter: Favourite memory from Stoke freestyle sessions?


JTT: My favourite Stoke freestyle session is when we filmed for the Fridge Bangers Movie 'cause everyone went off and sent it.



@ollie_rees98: Favourite rail trick?


JTT: My favourite rail trick is a simple switch lip to switch 'cause it looks gangsta when you just pop off and drop it switch, especially when it’s like a no mover.

Can’t argue with JTT here, sw lip to sw is one of our favourite rail tricks to see laid down all gangsta just like our boy Justin does it!

@mollynicolesmith_: have you ever had to overcome a big injury and any advice?


JTT: Yeah a few seasons ago I tore my MCL which sucked. I just had to grind towards getting better without pushing it too hard and focused on the positives, even a small step forward is still a step. Then once you're back just make sure you're having fun

Wise words regarding the return from the dreaded injury. We’ve all be there, look after yourselves and stay motivated to come back stronger!

Aberdeen’s Andy Budge makes up part of the ever growing sideways stunter’s on the AJ team - dropping hammers like this video project TBC. A man of few words and many stunts, Andy had this to say:

@e_terry2301: How do you make your sandwiches?


AB: I rarely eat sandwiches 



@niccohuberx: Who’s your idol?


AB: Annie Lenox



@finbremner: Are you single


AB: Not single


You asked. He answered. 🤷‍♂️😂


Melvin Seliberg is one of the AfterJam’s youngest guns - 10 earth rotations - dropping all the hammers from Sweden and progressing at an obscene rate. Melvin is one of our favourites and we couldn’t wait to get the inside scoop.

@niclas_nordlund: What do you think before sending a new trick?


MS: Before I send a new trick I always think “what is the worst thing that can happen”, then I visualize the trick over and over again in my head, then I just go for it.



@banks0t_: scariest trick you have done?


MS: The scariest trick that I’ve done is double backflip.



@melvinornerkrans: When did you do your first backflip?


MS: I was 6 years old when I did my first backflip.


First backie at 6, God damn, I was still learning to link turns at 6...

Mason Ferebee has been one of the hottest riders on the UK scene for some time now and a founding member of FridgeBangers - the big dogs of the UK scene. Mason loves a fronty and is currently out in the mountains on Team GB duties tearing it up! 

@finnstagram12: chicken nuggets or chicken strips (selects)?


MF: I could devour a ‘share box’ of chicken nuggets. I like mayonnaise on the side though.



@ollie_rees98: favourite uk dryslope?


MF: I used to ride at MT. Bracknell once a month when I was younger so was definitely one of my favourites mainly because it had a chairlift!



@dazzle73: When are you gonna beat JTT in a competition 😂 😂


MF: I’m not too sure, how about we settle this with a game of SLVSH? @jtt_ski 😉 sure we could film it and people would like to see that.


We are so very down to watch JTT and Mason battle it out in a game off SLVSH! Who do you think would win it?

Marta Martinez brings the Spanish heat with her whenever she’s riding. Crushing the dome scene in Madrid and a regular at AfterJam’s glacial summer home, L2A - winning the AJ Camp Jibworx rail jam there too! 

@elliestreeet: Biggest female snowboarding inspiration?


MM: Jill Perkings ✌🏻



@beeerginia: Favourite trick?


MM: Backside tail blunt 270 out ❤️



@josh_radin: Was it easy to get into snowboarding?


MM: With supportive friends around everything is easy 😉


With any luck summer is going to bring us another wild AJ Camp and we’ll see Marta rip it up and dish out all the dope coaching tips to all our rad campers!


Julius Forer is an Autrian steeze machine who has been on a mission for some time now - FULL SEND! This season is no different. Julius has been stomping new tricks like it’s nothing. Here’s what he had for us! 

@jessevanvonderen: Favourite park feature?


JF: Flatdown rail or a big jump



@hannes_rudigier: Do you sometimes drink alcohol?


JF: Sometimes



@fabiantamegger: Favourite thing beside skiing?


JF: Skateboarding or playing guitar


We’re fired up to see Julius crushing those big jumps on the comp circuit this year and shredding the skatepark in L2A on the recently re-announced AJ Summer Camp!

Luca Wasser is an OG of the team bringing his laid back style to Laax’s infamous parks. ALways dripping steeze and bringing life to the party. We love Luca!

@finnstagram15: Will u be back to retain the AJ beer pong title at this years freestyle camp?


LW: Unfortunately, I won’t retain the AJ beer pong. After giving it some thought, I have decided to retire as the undefeated champion.


Retiring as undefeated champion or afraid of this years competition coming back stronger?

@ambrosi_official: Boobs or ass?


LW: Everybody knows it’s the face



@andreas_roth: Favourite meal you can cook?


LW: I don’t cook, I only eat (chicken Masala)

Jenna Brennan is an AJ Queen who’s been on the team for a hot minute, crushing the uni scene at every turn and spending summers cruising the mountains in search of that primo send.  


@cwc_savage: Double backie this summer at AJ freestyle camp?


JB: Keen 😅😅 I’ll double backie if you backie, happy backie



@veritycj: Love your ski videos. What is your fave ski resort? 


JB: Thank you!! Hard to say but spent most of my time skiing in Val Thorens...very fun resort and great park.



@tekitettehwright: What was your worst skiing injury?


JB: Small fracture on my vertebrae at AJ freestyle camp a while back 😋

Samuel Ålander is the mad Swedish scientist on the AJ team breaking the laws of physics and style all the time. We were so stoked to see what you wanted to find out from the man himself!

@antowan1991: How long have you been steezin?


SA: Ever since I got my first tall tee in 2010 😎😎



@charlotte_muir99: Tips for starting skiing?


SA: Watch a lot of videos to get some mad inspiration. Ask riders in your local hill for tips, they want to help you out for sure. Just try to ski as much as possible, the more you ski the better you will get. And last tip is to have someone recording you when you shred so you can watch for yourself what you are doing right and wrong. When you watch yourself ski, that is when you can improve your style as you want it to be. 💯💯


Damn Sam! These are some top tips for getting that style dialed and keeping the progression going. Never stop shredding! Also, what physics classes did you take to break that shit so much?!

@gustaffrabergg: How many beers have u been drinking so far this winter?


SA: It has been a couple for sure! But I wake up fresh and have a good day skiing then waking up hangover and the day is destroyed. #skieverydamnday 💥

Sam Ward is a US born team GB pipe lord in the making. We got some quick fire answers from Sam:

@skiiiian: Why you so cute 😳


SW: Aww shucks ❤️



@charlie.the.kid_: When are you gonna get sponsored by Kraft and Siracha?


SW: lol keep yo eyes peeled... 👀



@alihkerr: When did you start riding pipe?


SW: I started skiing pipe at 15 so about 5 years!


Oooo we’re also dreaming of getting sponsored by Kraft or Siracha - tick the important boxes first aye!

Palmer Parish is another AJ prodigy using his youngest years to get on top of his send game and we love it. Few kids have a passion like Palmer here’s what he had for us!

@dazzle73: Who’s your favourite AJ ambassador?


PP: If you mean ambassador? You ♥️



@biffxcross: Palmer’s favourite UK skiers?


PP: My favourite UK skier is @jtt_ski love the style and corks



@naominager: who’s the goat of skiing? 🐐


PP: Candide Thovex for me


Harry Shaw, the pride of Liverpool, has made his mark on the UK scene cleaning up on the uni comp circuit and destroying the PVC at Alps d’Stoke for a long while. 

@ben_haldenby: What is your favourite place to ski?


HS: Favourite place to ski has to be L2A in the summer! So many good times with the boys back in the day! Hopefully more to come on the AJ summer camps!


We’re with ya Harry, Les Deux Alps is the place to be in summer. All time vibes and send!

@sammeaden: What’s the weirdest place you’ve had sex?


HS: No comment 😬



@edwardj_green: Who’s your biggest Stoke inspiration?


HS: Biggest inspiration from when I started riding dryslope was probably JTT. He was there at Swadlincote when I first gave freestyle a try and taught me a lot when I got started! He got me into doing all the different dryslope comps, which is where i really started to progress. Then we both made the move to stoke where the freestyle scene was unreal! And have been going there ever since!

We feel ya Harry! JTT has passed on so much wisdom on the Sendex and always keeps the vibes absolutely popping. That Stoke fire is still burning brightly too - keep your eyes peeled on the new jump build!

Nicco Huber is a fine young talent on the AJ roster. Spending his time away from the comp circuit and focusing on releasing video parts has given Nicco a creative and stylish outlook to skiing that you can’t teach. Here’s what he had to say to your inquisitive selves:

@olliegoves: The first time you hit an XXL were you shitting it?


NH: I still remember the first time when I jumped over the 3rd Jump @absolutpark. (18m tabletop) Yes, I was scared but my buddy’s gave me the right motivation to do it. There’s no better feeling than flying high through the air! Try to overcome your fear! It’s worth it!🙏😎


Gonna remember these wise words when I’m clenched and maching it into a 3m jump...

@yakob.brandi: What trick is on your mind???


NH: Right now I am planning to get better with my switch doubles! Dub 9 and Dub 10

And straight double 14 would be sick too😎



@lukaplevnik: Biggest ski inspiration 💪😎


NH: Puuh, there are so many skiers i really like to watch! There are skiers who are focused on street skiing and others who are hitting big jumps! But i really like to watch @sammycarlson @speldo @alexhall @colby_stevenson @shyhim_unicorn 🔥


Yo yo yo that’s a wrap! Some real insights across the board and some whacky Q’s too. Thanks to everyone who came up with Q’s for the crew and to the athletes for taking the time to tell you what’s really up! Keep your eyes on their ‘grams for the winter and see what they’re getting up too, and if you wanna see what they're capable of check the latest team edit! Peace xo