AfterJam Freestyle Camp 2020 – The Resurrection

Words by Milo McSenderson



While we’ve all been stewing in lock down, the AJ lads have been working tirelessly to make sure the infamous AfterJam Freestyle Camp is ready to go at the drop of a Boris speech. Last year’s trip was an absolute send-fest. It left me, along with many others, sore from head to toe (luckily the throbbing head was more from self-inflicted hangovers than any gnarly concussions) with a deeper bag of tricks both from the gorgeous glacier snowpark and the finely shaped concrete skatepark for those inclined. This isn’t all the trip has to offer, including a full 6-day mountain biking park, stunning vistas and a beautiful lake to cool off in, with much much more to boot.


Unfortunately, this year attendees will see a little less of the activities such as beer pong and get a little less cosy in bars when the sun goes down due to this little thing called a global pandemic we’re all dealing with. Be rest assured that every precaution is being taken on the AfterJam front to ensure all shenanigans pass the social distancing litmus test. While a shame, this is the new world order we are in and for those of us that thought dreams of skiing again we’re fully cancelled until next winter, it really is a godsend this is ramping up to be wild.


One of the top features of last year's trip was the high quality freestyle coaching offered by the AJ team riders. Offering pointers from those new to the game to the ones trying to tweak their big tricks. Laax local Luca Wasser will be making his second appearance at the AJ camp after providing all the goods last year, accompanied by Samuel Ålander (melting minds on insta all winter), Mason Ferebee ze frontflip king, JTT - the AfterJam OG, and Harry Shaw the pride of Liverpool. These athletes will be splitting their time between showing you how it’s done and showing you how to do it yourself. There really are few opportunities to receive such a wide range of coaches with such diverse skiing styles as in L2A this summer. There’s also some special guest coaching appearances that won’t disappoint, both the snowboarders and skiers out there should get excited.



All the big send action is going to be captured by an experienced media crew so you’ll be able to show off all your sexy stunts to your grandma or dog when you get back. You know that after-movie is going to make you the envy of all your pals.


The added extras this trip has to offer can’t be hyped up enough. The daily lake trips and skate sessions are plenty to tempt you to move out here forever, but an activity pass chucks in the like likes of tennis, luging, swimming, and a mountainside driving range for that cherry on top. It’s a vibe that can’t be beat, no matter how far you go looking; you won’t find a trip boasting a better blend of the best parts of a summer and winter holiday into one glorious week.


A big hit of last year was the park shaping. The crew picked up shovels and put their backs in to some digging. A great opportunity to learn from the masters of the L2A shapers crew, who put on arguably the best glacier park of the summer, and to then test and ride the creation before it is used for the final day comp. The Jibworx comp at the end of the week is the crescendo to this all-out balls-to-the-wall experience and popped off in a big way last year. Throw out prizes, epic DJing and huge moves from campers and locals alike.



The bonus on hill treats are a joy to behold. Working closely with some of the sponsors of this years trip, there are going to be some freestyle ski demos on the new Fauna Skis whips where you will get to try out the planks for yourself, and some waxing demo's in conjunction with Butta wax, to make sure you're running smooth all week!


As with any AJ event, flowing booze and raucous events are a guarantee. The boys have plenty up their socially distant sleeves. Long arming a beer is socially distant right? Many off-hill events, with drinks provided by the likes of DragonSoop and Monster Energy to cure the ailing bones and muscles from the on-hill stunts will be provided. BBQs and trips to the lake will take advantage of the beautiful mountainous summer air and keep all participants safe and sending all week.


It’s gonna be bigger and better than last year. Not one to miss!
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