AfterJam’s Ones To Watch: 20 Under 20 | SEASON RECAP

Words by Milo McSenderson



The 19/20 ski season is pretty much finished everywhere, except for a few remote resorts in Scandinavia and the Baltics, RIP. Despite this we’ve had an awesome winter and still seen some sick stunts from the most supreme skiers old and young.


At the start of the season we brought to you a list of the finest young guns from all over, in our esteemed “20 under 20” article, unfortunately, due to the current circumstances, we think the time is right to recap the best of the bunch!


Birk Irving has been producing banger Instagram content all season alongside his competition circuit. A few personal favourites are the superpipe followcam from @hotlapsofficial and some rare footage of a pipe lord in the powder. As far as silverware has gone, Birk took home 3rd place in the Calgary World Cup and came up 5th in X Games Aspen this year. Birk has not yet appeared in a SLVSH game this winter but we’re hoping the world tour games include some of his stunts.


Caroline Claire has had a large year. Making her X Games debut and being Newschoolers’ breakthrough skier of the year. (I’m not saying we called it first or anything though…) Caroline also placed first at the Seiser Alm Slopestyle with a filthy switch dub 9 in her epic run. Her shots in the Faction women’s cut also bang hard. What a season it’s been for ya, many more to come!


Eileen Gu made history this season as the first freeskier to win two world cups at the same venue; Slopestyle and Halfpipe golds in Calgary. Also, bringing home a Youth Olympic Games Slopestyle silver, Eileen has been unstoppable this winter despite its early demise. Make sure you’re on the follow for the content to come when we return to regular schedule stunt programming! 


Elena Gaskell bagged 3rd place in slopestyle at the Seiser Alm World Cup. Not too shabby at all from her. Couldn’t leave that one out.


The Fagan twins have been on absolute fire this season, dropping heat left right and center all winter. While their trophy cabinet for the year is only adorned with Deven’s Slopestyle Bronze from Mammoth this doesn’t mean they’ve been slacking. Their efforts from the Utah SLVSH cup has been monumental. Their head-to-head semi-final was bonkers.

This game between the two young heavyweight twins shows you just how much these guys push each other. It makes for one hell of a tasty viewing and is a SLVSH game that you’re hoping the ref goes rogue and calls a draw. Seriously, give her a watch and try telling us you have a favourite.


Jed Waters’ Instagram has been absolutely mental all winter. If you didn’t follow him when the original piece was published then here’s what you should do: hang your head in shame for a bit, follow @jed_blue_waters on Instagram, watch all the content, then wallow in the fact you’ve missed out on this all winter long. But here's a taste of what you're missing.


Jennie Lee Burmansson’s road back from injury has been an impressive one. Managing to finals places in X-Games slopestyle and big air. No silverware this season but we’ve no doubt there’s plenty more to come. Alongside this, Jennie has been keeping our feeds fresh with her steeze, spending plenty of time up in Klappen (one of the last resorts standing after the Rona hit) and putting out some serious bangers. Here are some smooth as hell clips from where I’d rather be; 


Joona Sipola - , say no more.


Justin Taylor-Tipton has continued to dominate since his return from injury. His content has been ridiculous as per and his competition results also stacking up. His Switch Dub 12 Mute at the Europa Cup in Tignes awarded him the Gold and he put down some heaters on the massive 25m Czech big air jump. His feed has been dripping all season, take similar advice to Jed’s recap if you’ve not been following.


Kelly Sildaru has continued to absolutely dominate the women's freestyle circuit. Seemingly unstoppable bringing home 3 golds this winter; the double at X Games Aspen in Superpipe and Slopestyle and Slopestyle Gold at the Youth Olympic Games. Kelly chews up all competition in her path and has been doing for a few years now. We’re honestly not sure how much further this young slayer can go but we’re excited to find out!


Kirsty Muir has been killing the big air circuit this winter. Taking the W at the Davos Big Air Europa Cup and putting down a massive switch bio 9 at the Youth Olympic Games to bag second place. When she’s not been filling her trophy cabinet Kirsty has been shredding Laax and putting out that holy content. Much more to come from the Scottish sender.


Matej Svancer might be my favourite pick from this list. I’ve seen very few 15 yr old kids with such trick variety, dub selection and steeze on the “simple” things - the cork 7 japan in this insta clip is just filthy. Alongside this, he’s been crushing the comp circuit all over the shop. You’ve really missed out if you’ve not had your peepers on him. He also casually kicked off the early season with Gold at the Youth Olympic Games Big Air. Keep watching him coz we know he’ll keep sending it. To boot, he just released one of the hottest season edits we've seen so far this year, keep an eye out for the sw 18 in this one 👇


Mathilde Gremaud, now 20 so out of our bracket entirely, seized the W at Dew Tour slopestyle finals at Copper Mountain and placed 2nd overall in the World Cup Big Air after a cancelled final event. Mathilde also appeared alongside Caroline Claire in the Faction Women’s Cut and put down the hammers with ease too. Here’s to another riotous season.


Nicco Huber’s Instagram has been one of my favourites to follow this winter too. Not only is his feed full of fire all the time but he’s got a variety and a creativity in his cuts that just makes his ‘gram a joy to watch. Nicco has been showing the AJ boys that they’ve picked a goodun and has even strayed out of the pristine parks and into the Freeride World Tour circuit. Exciting things to come for sure.


Paul Vieux Temps has had consistently solid content all season and been dropping his signature mistys around the place with the carefree and reckless abandon we know and love him for. Sadly in early March he picked up an injury whilst competing, we’re wishing him the speediest recovery and look forward to see what he’s got when the world calms down a little.


Sam Lobinsky’s playful yet techy style has always been one that I’ve enjoyed wherever he’s appeared. This season has been no different. Sam has been putting down dubs at Trollhaugen and all his shots in the final Human Beings piece of the season are fire. Very deserving of the opening shots. A recent trip to Park City gave us some great content to drool over too. Keep it coming Sam!


Taisei Yammamoto 🌪️🌪️🌪️


Tom Greenway’s skiing has spoken for itself this season. Both his jump and rail game are being polished day by day and it really is a pleasure to watch. We’re not the only ones who think this clearly… Tom’s entry for Level 1 Superunknown – the most highly esteemed video comp going – came in as a semi-finalist. A huge achievement. Greeners narrowly missed out on a finals spot in the wildcard poll but we’re still gassed up for your spot G! Keep it coming!


Zach Schuster’s feed has echoed the mantra of quality over quantity, his rail tech is still firing and his bag of tricks getting deeper by the day. Keep it steezy G’eezy.




So that’s it! A season cut short but a list of the future of skiing recapped with all their big sends and greatest achievements. We think we hit some nails right on the head with this one and are already trawling through the archives of what we’ve witnessed this season to give you 20 fresh faces to watch when we return to sliding around on snow. Until then, unless you’re in Sweden or Finland, I guess it’s time to crack out the old movies and set up camp in bed until this all blows over.