Bryony Spensley


Bryony is a big addition to the AfterJam riders team, bringing us a new rad element we are extremely excited about. As you'd expect from any member of the AJ Collective - she shreds hard. She somehow ends up in 4th place of nearly every national final she ends up in, earning herself the nickname #4thplacehero, however she still pulls away with a few titles under her belt including the BUISC Southern comp. One of her favourite claims to fame is that she was the first girl in over 4 years since Sarah Hoefflin to throw down a backflip at the British University Dryslope Champs!

But what really makes Bryony stand out from the crowd is her judging credentials, having been previously personally requested at comps such as the Brits and BUDs, she's heading to the FIS clinic to gain her international freestyle skiing judging qualifications. This qualification is going to make her immediately recognisable in the freestyle skiing judging community (even more so than her outrageously steezy garms already do). Along with this, she also organised the first ever freestyle competition at a university campus that used real snow.


Currently out shredding in Canada for the season, we're stoked to see what she comes back home with in her library of tricks, she's already told us her first aim is to nail a switch backie truck driver while she's out there. So stay tuned and we'll make sure to keep you all informed on her judging and sendy activities throughout the season!