AfterJam Events

The AfterJAM

Happening on the first weekend in February, The AfterJAM has been running for three years now. With over a thousand spectators and competitors attending, and headline acts that have included DJ Hazard, Darkzy and Redlight, it has quickly established itself as England’s largest snowsports competition. 

Tickets for this event are historically in high demand, with sellouts occurring the last two years.

This year's are on sale now and can be found here

The AfterJam Freestyle Camp

We've teamed up with Wasteland Ski and Jibworx to Bring you the AfterJam Freestyle Camp.

Les Deux Alpes in the summer is like no other resort, skiing up the glacier in the morning and enjoying the hot summer sun in the afternoon, means you can get the best of a winter and summer holiday in one trip. Lasting for a week, the trip consists of; daily freestyle coaching sessions, evening parties, numerous mid week events ie. bbq’s, bike rides, lake activities, beer pong tournaments, golf, tennis, etc. and to top it off, a large railjam in the park at the end of the week. 

Check the full event page out at

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UK Big Air

On Friday May 22nd (date TBC - corona pending), at Hemel Hempstead, we will be hosting the "UK Big Air" competition, the largest ever big air event in the UK.

Working with the events and park teams at The Snow Centre we will be constructing the largest ever competitive kicker to have been seen in the UK. At 15m in size it will eclipse any other competitive kicker in UK snowsports history, there will also be an adjoining 7m sized kicker intended for the junior competitors.
With the biggest kicker ever seen in an indoor UK snowdome, it's an event that appeals to the finest freestyle skiers and boarders from around the UK.

Resort Events

Every season we work with the biggest UK university ski trips to host some incredible events.  

Typically, we host competitive railjams within the resort, free entry for all involved and a lot of prize throw outs. We bring more of a party atmosphere to these competitions and involve the crowd as much as possible. The podium spots for the riders also receive some large prize bags for taking part, typically made up of AJ & Jibworx stash as well as donations from sponsors.

To boot, we can also throw an après party like no other, combine that with the freestyle elements that are a staple ingredient in our events, and spectators get a chance to witness an incredibly unique event.

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Since the 2018/2019 season, AfterJam Collective and Jibworx have been collaborating on all events. Combining our experience and event management expertise, we have been able to host competitions and events that combine numerous elements of the freestyle culture that other companies haven’t been able to replicate.

Bespoke Events

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Being able to host freestyle events in the middle of a city or at the top of a resort, we can go anywhere.

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We own, and bring, all our own equipment. Some big items to note would be; our mobile railjam setups, custom built freestyle features, a beastly all weather PA system, and all the tools needed to shape up some tasty kickers. 

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We have been organising and managing freestyle events since 2014, and are still the only people who can flex that they hosted a railjam outside the Houses of Parliament to a crowd of 50,000.


We work closely with these companies each season to provide previously perceived unreachable levels of stoke.

Email us for more information

If you are interested in any of our events, our mailbox is always open. If it is anything from basic event info, to creating your own bespoke event, we'd love to hear from you.