Mason Ferebee


Insta @masonferebee_ 

We've been mates with Mason since the early AfterJam days so it's about time he officially became part of the team. He's part of the notorious Fridge Bangers crew that have been slaying it in the UK recently and it's threw working with them we came across this dudes mad talents. Fridge Bangers are also responsible for the dope shots of Mason you can see on the site or making his Instagram look straight up fire. 

Mason's got a style of skiing you just can't get bored of watching. He's been locking it down in Laax this season and recently just stomped a triple fronty for the first time as well as tearing it up on the European circuit in the FIS comps. Keep an eye on this shredder, he's working on some big projects with Fridge Bangers and is definitely going to be bringing some more wizardry to an Instagram feed near you soon.