Melvin Seliberg

10 years old

Insta @melvinseliberg

Melvin is a 10 year old kid from Järvsö in Hälsingland, Sweden. Melvin’s been on a pair of skis since the very early days, if he could walk- he was skiing. Already as a 4 year old he got caught up in park skiing, and has since invested in what he loves most... Freeskiing!
His biggest competition memory was during a vacation in Aspen, Colorado 2 years ago when one of the competition stops at the USA slopestyle tour was in town. Melvin really wanted to join so after an impulse sign up he walked away with 1st place!

He loves competing and his biggest goal and dream is to be a professional skier and compete at X-games and in the Olympics for the Swedish freeskiteam.

Melvin spends a lot of time all year round in his own backyard rail park. In the same backyard he also has a big trampoline where he nails all the different rotations for the winter seasons.

For a 10 year old, Melvin has one of the best trickbags in the world, undoubtedly. We’re talking dub cork 12’s, kangaroo flips, flat 7’s, but his favourite trick of the bunch is a cork 9 blunt.

Melvin spends a lot of time in the legendary Kläppen Snowpark. But, also puts a lot of time in at Järvsö snowpark just down the road from him.