Samuel Ålander


Insta @samuelalander 

Out of a small village called Gunnarskog in Sweden, Sam is your typical park rat. Since venturing into the park in 2008 you’ll be hard pushed to find him on skis else where on the mountain. Spending a lot of time at Kläppen Snowpark Sam has managed to get his skills to an unbelievable level (just wait ‘till you watch some of his vids), but during the winters he flexes a few talents - he splits his time between creating and hosting mega events, bossing out some social media marketing, and coaching kids in the art of freeskiing.

His life is and has always been circulating around skiing. Does not matter if he is skiing during the worst dark rainy day in December, coaching a kid to make his/hers first 540, or having the best spring session with the buddies in the snowpark - this guy will absolute love being out on the mountain.

If you have any doubt at all in Sam’s ability on the planks, check out his edit from last spring’s Kimbo Sessions below - IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.